NIS setup: ypbind getting connection refused

NIS setup: ypbind getting connection refused

Post by Scott Brigg » Mon, 24 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I'm trying to setup NIS on 2 computers with a redhat 3.03 box
acting as the server and a 4.0 box as a client. The problem I'm
getting is that ypbind -debug from the client keeps giving me
'connection refused.' Rpcinfo from the client tells me that ypserv
is running on the server and ypcat -x from the client gives me the
same info as the server so there has to be some kind of connection
going on. I've tried a bunch of variations in yp.conf and the client
is listed in the servers hosts.allow file and nothing seems to work
so if anyone can help me out I'd appreciate it. Also, the hosts.deny
file is blank right now. Thanks.



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I posted a message earlier about this topic and finally got it to work, but
now there's another small but very annoying problem with it.

I have linux on a 486-50 with a 3com 3c503 with 16M ram.

First:  I have no problems with NIS now.

The problem is that after I start up ypbind and get it connected to the NIS
server, it continuously fills up the syslog with the following message:

   broadcast: RPC: Unable to receive ( Network unreachable )

After turning off the syslogd, I new get these all over my screen.  What's
strange is that everything works great - except this error message.  Another
thing I noticed is that when I do an 'ifconfig', the HW addr is all 0's.
I cant figure out why the network stuff is up and running yet the HW addr is
messed up and the ypbind daemon is acting up...

I did select the correct net driver and recompiled the kernel, which did not
help.  Any suggestions or ideas?



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