Compiling TReno TCP Bulk Transfer Capacity Tool, on Linux

1. O_SYNC in 2.4 (Bulk data intradisk transfers visavis buffer cache)

This has been a problem forever in Unixes an other operating systems. When
buffer caches were
smaller, the transfer of a very large file from one partition to another would
eventually cause disk
head thrashing. It would have been better if the system could fill the cache
from one place, then
empty it to the destination place in large groups, What actually happens is a
block-at-a-time transfer
and a lot of head activity, once the buffer cache has saturated.
I think, in Linux 2.4, that this can be overcome (at least for raw transfers) by
the raw devices fronting
the disk drives, along with a program that 'pumps' the data, first filling
memory from the source, then
emptying to the destination. Possibly running the 'sync' or 'fsync' command at
appropriate moments
could encourage similar behavior.
Another possibility would be to recognize (don't know now) that this behavior is
going on, and force
a flush of the buffer cache at regular intervals.

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