pri rate isdn interfaces

pri rate isdn interfaces

Post by t.. » Fri, 13 Feb 1998 04:00:00

does anybody know of a card that will accept pri rate isnd 20/30
as an alterative to something like a portmaster or usr's total control

these channels will be used as dial up lines(incomming) for our internet

we are a small isp in the uk

and hopfully want a card that is available in the uk

thanks in advance

Tony H-Ellary


1. PPP to Cicso CHAP ISDN PRI Card

  Hello all,

  I have been bashing my head in trying to have my RedHat 5.2 box connect
via PPP to a Cisco ISDN PRI (7813 I believe) using CHAP.  I have set entries
in the pap-secrets file and chap-secrets files as per instruction.  The only
thing that I have not done is to supply addresses in these files.

  Now the problem is that when I dial via my Motorola Bitsurfer Pro, I
connect and the remote side sends me what I think is the first step in
authoriztion (appears as consistant lines of garbage in the
/var/log/messages file).  The remote side sends me these lines every 3 or 4
seconds but my Linux box does not seem to ever respond (based on my logs and
no activity on the TA's transmit data LED).  The remote side may send me 10
attempts but my side does not ever send a thing and I get the pppd script
failed message.  I used the RedHat network config tool to configure this and
call 'ifup ppp0' to initiate a connection.

  When I attempt to place the line 'auth' in my options file I receive an
error such as authentication required but no suitable secrets found.  Since
CHAP must be used and placed entries in the files why are my entries not
being found?  Am I perhaps missing something in my options file? I tried
using the 'name' and 'user' lines in my options file but still no-go.

   Any ideas? Please........ I have a feeling I have missed one silly
parameter in this case. Never fails.....

         Thank You in advance

         George Minich

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