IPX support and nmbd error

IPX support and nmbd error

Post by Jeff Pierc » Tue, 25 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I recently installed ncps-2.0.10 for netware server support along wihtt
he IPX support.

I now have Netware server access.

The problem is that I get error messages in syslog as follows:

Mar 24 14:20:29 jpierce inetd[84]: /usr/sbin/nmbd: exit status 0x1
Mar 24 14:21:30 jpierce last message repeated 36 times
Mar 24 14:22:31 jpierce last message repeated 3 times
Mar 24 14:23:22 jpierce last message repeated 46 times
Mar 24 14:24:10 jpierce last message repeated 12 times


Mar 24 14:35:48 jpierce inetd[84]: netbios-ns/udp server failing
(looping), serv
ice terminated

What is happening?  I do not have /usr/sbin/mnbd, which is probably why
it the cpmplaint is happening.
I finally found a nmbd.8 man page in the samba area of sunsite.unc.edu
disc that came from INfomagic and it says that nmbd is a netbios name
server.  And, that it is part of the Samba suite, which I am not
running. I expect that either IPX or ncps had something to do with this.

So, can somebody tell me hos to keep the above from happening?
Do I hav eto install nmbd?
Is there someway to stop whoever is trying to run nmbd from running it?

Jeff Pierce


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