sendmail masquerade

sendmail masquerade

Post by dfo » Fri, 25 Aug 1995 04:00:00

As you can see from my .signature, I used to post as

system -- but which later in life learned how to send mail directly
to the internet as

For a while, the two names worked cooperatively rather well - I was for UUCP (mainly for CNews news batching via UUCP) and when directly connected to the net.

At the time, I was using smail, rather than sendmail, and I had a smart
host that did the routing for me when I batched up mail to send via
UUCP every so often.

Recently, however, I lost the whole boot sector + perhaps part of
the beginning of my root filesystem :(, and the upshot of that is I
had to reinstall from scratch. I used a December 1994 vintage Infomagic
(slackware distribution) as the source.

As of now, mail to/from the Internet to gets
processed just fine with sendmail. The domain
seems to have disappeared, though. Mail to (due
to the MX records) gets here all right, but is sent directly to

his trouble.

Even though I entitled this post "sendmail masquerading", I don't
think that it's a sendmail issue. The closest thing in sendmail
I could find so far is the masquerade (DN), but according to another
post, I can only masquerade as one domain at a time, which is not
what I want to do.

In the past, I believe I had listed in /etc/hosts

# For loopbacking.       localhost  belvdere
# End of hosts.

However, with this addition, mail still will bounce. is valid, insofar as I can telnet etc that site - but
mail doesn't work yet.

Any ideas? I still have periodic mail coming into,
so I'd like to figure out how to fix this pretty quickly.

David E. Fox                               Thanks for lettimg me



sendmail masquerade

Post by dfo » Thu, 31 Aug 1995 04:00:00

: As you can see from my .signature, I used to post as

: system -- but which later in life learned how to send mail directly
: to the internet as

I think I found the solution in another somewhat unrelated post
in the c.o.l.networking newsgroup:

Essentially if I do:

Cwlocalhost belvdere

in /etc/, and then reset sendmail (kill & restart it)
being able to get mail that's still coming to
should work. I'm testing it now. If a kind person will send
a test message to both addresses in the .signature file, it
would be appreciated.


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...and created a new config file.  But outgoing email still claims
to be from

I get the feeling I've missed some obvious detail here.  Can this
be done with sendmail?  And if not, what should I be using for
outgoing email?


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