Problem with Linksys LNE100TX card & DHCP

Problem with Linksys LNE100TX card & DHCP

Post by Tim Borin » Mon, 02 Jul 2001 03:09:24

After installing the driver (which went as smooth as usual), I checked the
interface w/ ifconfig and it lists eth0.  That part is fine.  But upon
rebooting, dhcp isn't able to configure eth0 and produces this message:

"Starting service dhcp client on eth0SIOCSIFFLAGS: Resource temporarily
SIOCSIFFLAGS: Resource temporarily unavailable
dhcpcd[145]: dhcpStart: ioctl SIOCSIFFLAGS: Resource temporarily
startproc: exit status of /sbin/dhcpcd: 1"

This is on a SuSE7.0 dual boot (win98) system.  I've had this same card
working on this same machine under SuSE about 6 months ago, and I'm using
the Linksys LNE100TX cards on 2 other SuSE systems having used the same
install method.

Any ideas what's wrong and how to fix it?



1. Problem compiling tulip.c driver for Linksys LNE100TX ethernet card

        I run Debian Gnu/Linux, stock kernel 2.2.17pre6.  I have
kernel source installed, and a soft link  /usr/src/linux  to the
kernel source. I have a Linksys LNE100TX  PNP PCI ethernet card
and DSL connection. For linux, I tried the precompiled module tulip.o,
but the card was not recognized. I downloaded the current tulip.c test
driver for this card, and got compile errors that
linux/modversions.h, pci-scan.h, and kern_compat.h were missing.
        So I got modversions.h from the kernel-headers, put it in
/usr/src/linux/include/linux.  I got pci-scan.h and kern_compat.h from In the driver file, tulip.c, both pci-scan.h and
kern_compat.h were #include with quotes, and I thought this meant look
in the current directory, so put them in the directory with tulip.c

             Now I get errors that kern_compat.h and
linux/modversions.h (pci-scan.h no longer noted).
             I have limited experience compiling, and have read any
number of references on this card and driver, and am stumped. Anyone
have any suggestions?

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