broken pipe netwatch

broken pipe netwatch

Post by piet » Mon, 22 Jan 2001 21:06:34

i've just installed netwatch 0.8e-2.
When i run netwatch it gives me the message 'broken pipe' and then
Why is this?

1. dump pipe gzip pipe ssh pipe dd... blocksize?

Here's the command I'm planning to use for dumping across a network:

dump -0u -B 8000000 -f - /dev/sd0a | gzip | ssh host 'dd obs=32k of=/dev/nrst0'

Notice I define a blocksize on the dd command, but I haven't defined one
anywhere else. This was after a write failuer with no block size set on a
big backup. Someone suggested setting the block size miught help. I'm not
too sure what the ramifications of this are. Is it a Bad Thing to mix the
block size? I don't believe gzip gives you an option for setting block
size. Should I worry? A couple of test backups and retores seemed to work


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