Pop3d and Fetchpop help!

Pop3d and Fetchpop help!

Post by Wesley Shi » Sat, 28 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I install pop3d in my slackware96 as a pop server, so people can dial
my linux box to get their mails by PPP connection. ( So, I am a small
ISP for

But before they can get their mails, I need to get their mails from my
Because I use a dynamic PPP with my ISP. Therefore, I set up several
accounts in my ISP which have the same login names in my own server.

I just wonder how can I set up fetchpop to get those e-mails by a cron
job for
each user that I create ? Say, users, "AAA" and "BBB". (I know all of
passwords), I am confused by "su" command, why do I need it ?

Sorry, I do not know how to write a shell script for it. Any help is

Wesley Shih