Zyxel Omni.net Plus TA: Dial in impossible!?!?

Zyxel Omni.net Plus TA: Dial in impossible!?!?

Post by Fernando Jorge Cal?a » Wed, 21 Jan 2004 21:04:34

Hello all.

I'm using a 2 identically configured machines (RH 7.0) connected to
ISDN phone lines through Zyxel Omni.net plus TAs, one on each machine.
The objective is to dial one machine (remote) from the other (local)
and get a login prompt.

I'm using uucp and uugetty to dial and answer the calls between the
machines...but the TA is acting up on me..... it answers the phone,
but seconds later I get a NO CARRIER error on the local machine and
can't complete the connection...both TAs work fine when doing dial-out
(access internet with kppp or a terminal program)...but the dial-in
process is completely eluding me...

I've tried tweaking almost every bit of configuration the TA has...
everything from AT commands to S registers and nothing...the remote TA
answers the call, but hangs up shortly after...

Is there anyone who knows if and how it is possible to configure a
Zyxel Omni.net plus TA on RH 7.0 for dial-in access over ISDN
I'm starting to think that this device is incapable of handling a
dial-in process...

Thank you.
Fernando Jorge Cal?ada