Appletalk problems with 1.3.6 on (netatalk)

Appletalk problems with 1.3.6 on (netatalk)

Post by Craig A. Hueg » Tue, 18 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I've been having problems with Appletalk in versions 1.3.6 on...  It
seems when I try to start up atalkd, I get a "Kernel panic: skput: over"

I haven't bothered to copy down any numbers, mainly because I haven't had
time to play with it.

I have a SLIP interface and an Ethernet interface up when I try to run
atalkd.  I've tried it with sl0 down, and that doesn't seem to work, either.

The box is a 486DX/33 Micronics motherboard, with a (cheap, I know, but
it WORKS) NE2000 board.

Any ideas?  Has anyone fixed this problem?

From mail responding to my linux-kernel post, others have had this
problem with no resolution.  I will not answer questions such as "I have
this problem too, tell me when you have a solution."  Instead, I will
post to the newsgroup if it hasn't been already.



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Hi Folks
I have netatalk 1.3.3 on my Linux system (kernel 1.3.59) for some time.
I am able to mount the linux box from the chooser on my Mac no problem but
have major file corruption when copying files from/to both systems (any
file larger that a few kilobytes gets corrupted and ends up smaller in
size when I copy it to the PC)

My Mac is a Performa 5300(PowerPC), MacOS 7.5.3 (I had MacOS 7.5.2. and
had the same problems) with a standard comm slot Apple ethernet card.I
don't think it is a mac problem as I tried at work with a different PC and
68K macs and had the same problem)

My PC is an AST 486 with 3COM 3C509 ethernet card.

Any ideas greatly appreciated

Please mail me as well as posting

Noel D

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