3com 3c509 on debian "bo"

3com 3c509 on debian "bo"

Post by John P Conno » Wed, 20 May 1998 04:00:00


I'm trying to get 2 3Com 3c509 cards working with the "bo" release of
debian. The PC is Plug & Play and assigns 210H, IRQ 9 and 220H IRQ 5.

How do I use two cards? Do I have to specify two drivers in
/etc/modules.conf? If I attempt to load the 3c509 module dynamically,
specifying IO address and IRQ, linux simply telle me that the device is

If I insert a 3c509 line into /etc/modules.conf, linux loads the driver
for one card as eth0 but, oddly, on doing an ifconfig -a, I'm told that
the card is configured at 300H and IRQ 10 !! This is weird. It also
doesn't appear to work.

I've tried turing off Plug & Play in the BIOS, configuring the cards
manually and then loading the 3c509 driver with the correct addresses
etc, but this still doesn't work.

Any and all help/advice/go read the HOTO (not again!) is greatly


John P Connor