Probs with ctlinnd

Probs with ctlinnd

Post by Marcus Fau » Fri, 10 May 1996 04:00:00


I am using innd v1.4 on my linux box (kernel 1.2.13) and it works
fine, but ctlinnd does not seem to like me. I tried
different commands, but it always reports "Must be running"
What? innd IS up.
Please help

Doc Holiday

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1. Broken innd / ctlinnd distribution

I have no idea what I did but my innd distribution is broken.

ctlinnd and many of the scripts hang halfway through as if its an access
permission problem so I tried chmod 755 * - no difference. The only thing that
works is inncheck which just tells me the access permissions are now wrong and
ME is accepting anything.

Does ctlinnd access anything outside my news directory - apart from system
calls of course?

Thanks for any suggestions.
Ian Packer.

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