Aironet Client Utility & booting

Aironet Client Utility & booting

Post by Benjamin Ylvisak » Fri, 13 Sep 2002 04:45:23

My system:
IBM Thinkpad X21
Debian 3.0
Cisco Aironet 340

My question:
Currently my computer does not automatically connect to the network at
boot time.  In order to get network connectivity I have to run the
Aironet Client Utility (acu) to associate my card to an IP address,
then run dhclient.  Is there any nice way to automate this process?



1. Aironet Client Utility & booting

Hi all,

Benjamin Ylvisaker has posted a question with the same subject nearly
a year ago. Unfortunatly, there is no answer to his question - and I
have the problem, that I have the same problem he described...

When starting my laptop with a Cisco Aironet 340 PCMCIA card, no ip
address can be assigned using dhclient until I start the Aironet
Client Utility (/opt/cisco/acu). Its enough to simply start this
program, no further actions are required to do. Than, a "dhclient
eth0" works fine and an IP address is gathered from the DHCP server,
the network works fine than.

Is there a way to get the card working without manually start the acu
and subsequently do a "dhclient eth0" again.

Thank you very much


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