rusers - segmentation fault?

rusers - segmentation fault?

Post by Reuben W » Thu, 08 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Since Linux 1.1.59, the rusers command seems to be broken - I'm running 1.2.8
now - and still, everytime I do a rusers, I get a segmentation fault ?

Any pointers?


E-mail replies would be good.

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1. rusers gets segmentation fault.

I've been having a strange problem with rusers, in that it
will list a few hosts and then seg faults.

It only happens when the broadcast call is used.  I have
tested it individually with many of the hosts and they respond

% rusers
blah: blah blah blah
foo: bah woo
Segmentation fault

% rusers blah foo
blah: blah blah blah
foo: bah woo

Second one works fine.

The linux box is on a network with a bunch of Suns running SunOS and
Solaris plus various PC's etc.

Any clues?

Bernard Leach                    LaTrobe Uni Melb Australia

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