Opinions wanted about Boca PCI ethernet card

Opinions wanted about Boca PCI ethernet card

Post by Frits Kuijlm » Fri, 03 Mar 1995 07:57:43

I am about to order a PCI box to play/work with Linux, and I need an
ethernet card. I hace decided to make a choice between:
ISA 3com 3c509 combo
PCI Boca PCnet whatever

I am leaning towards the Boca (due to a review in c't magazin of similar cards)
but I want to know the following:
Is it a combo card with thin and twisted pair ethernet?
I hope I won't need a transceiver?

Any positive/negative experiences?

I am correct in assuming that this card works with Linux? (from the HOWTO)

Thanks for your help,

Delft University of Technology                  The Netherlands


Opinions wanted about Boca PCI ethernet card

Post by Bill Broadl » Tue, 07 Mar 1995 08:26:16

I bought computer shopper and found ONE vendor that carries the card:
        Tri-state computer
        BEN 1p1-Doca Lancard PCI but ethernet   $75.00

But the HOWTO says:
  3.10.1.  Boca BEN (PCI, VLB)

  Status -- Supported

  These cards are based on AMD's PCnet chips, used in the AT1500 and the
  like. You can pick up a combo (10BaseT and 10Base2) PCI card for under
  $70 at the moment.

  Supposedly Boca PCI cards can have trouble with Pentium systems that
  are operating faster than 66MHz. You may want to check with Boca on
  this one. Note that this is not a driver problem, as it hits
  DOS/Win/NT users as well. Any additional info on this as it develops
  would be appreciated.

  More information can be found in ``AMD LANCE''.

  More technical information on AMD LANCE based Ethernet cards can be
  found in ``Notes on AMD...''.

Please followup this post with any additional info (i.e. I have it and
it works, or you need such and such a tweak.)


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After reading the "Ethernet-HOWTO", I purchased a boca PCI ethernet
card. The card has the PCnet-PCI chip on it and the HOWTO implies
that it should work with linux. I rebuilt the kernel with AT1500/NE2100
support enabled, but no go. Poking around with the DOS packet driver,
the card seems to want to make it's I/O address to be 0xD100. After
adding this to the probe list in the "lance.c" file, the card appears to be
found, but the driver hangs just after printing the ethernet physical
address. The PCI slot is a "master" and the IRQ is set to 15, the trigger
is "level".

Any clues?

George Erhart
AT&T bell labs

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