My "From:" address is incorrect -- why?

My "From:" address is incorrect -- why?

Post by Jamshid Afsh » Thu, 29 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I'm posting this article from sweetpea, my Linux 1.2.1 (Slackware 2.2)
Ambra Pentium.  I installed the trn-nntp which I ftp'd from (it was missing from my CD).  After doing an "f" to post
a new article, writing it, then specifying "s" at the "Send, Abort,
..." prompt, inews says "no sysname in /etc/uucpname".  I can't find
any documentation on that file.  "inews" *does* seem to post fine, but
as you should be able to see the "From:" line address is invalid.

dynamic IP) account with a local Internet access provider with the
domain name  My connection seems to work great (I can read
news, telnet, ftp, http, etc.).  I just don't know how to set up my (I

news articles.  Basically, I want to use Emacs' RMAIL and trn under
Linux the same way I use Eudora and WinVN when I boot MS Windows and
connect to my account using Trumpet Winsock.  Know what I mean?

I have Welsh's excellent book _Running Linux_, and I've tried reading
the _Networking Guide_ (, but I find it difficult
to understand all this stuff and those docs seem to be geared towards
people who want their Linux machine to be a "real", permanent Internet

Jamshid Afshar