Samba: Synchronize Unix and Samba Passwords

Samba: Synchronize Unix and Samba Passwords

Post by MJN » Sat, 21 Oct 2000 04:00:00

In RH 7.0 how do you synchronize Unix and Samba Passwords. I am using Webmin
and can't find the synchronization area that used to exist in the Samba
Share Manager.

1. Synchronizing Unix and SAMBA passwords

I would like to synchronize both passwords so that if a windows client
changes its password the unix password is changed accordingly.
I am using encrypted passwords now, SAMBA complains it cant change
passowrds because it needs plain text passords in order to tell the old
password to the passwd program.
If i use plain text passwords windows complains changing passwords
was unsuccessful.

Can somebody explain in detail what i am doing wrong?

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