mgetty-sendfax and callback

mgetty-sendfax and callback

Post by mad.. » Fri, 19 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Hi everybody,

I hope someone can help me with a problem I have using callback
together with mgetty.

I have installed megtty+sendfax and the callback package that came
with it.

The problem is that I can only connect once. The first time everythig
is fine, but the second I get an error saying "can't transfer control"
or something similar. I think this is when mgetty login transfer
control to the standard login process, but I have no clue as to what I
can do to fix this problem.

If I telnet into my Linux boot a reboot then I can connect again

Any pointers will be appreciated. Also experinces with other callback

Regards Lars L. Madsen

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1. mgetty-sendfax autosense PPP/PAP?


I've recently installed, mgetty-snedfax on Slackware Linux 3.1.0......
and I am VERY impressed.... compared to the standard agetty it handles
modems like you wouldn't believe!

BUT... There's always a BUT, isn't there!

I love the ability to receive fax as well as data calls.... and I
realise that this may be pushing it a bit.... but does anyone know of,
or know any way to get... a way to get it to autosense PPP/PAP before
giving a login prompt... Even a patch that would recognise an LCP packet
at the login promt and run a command would be BRILL! Especially if the
command executed were configured from the command line....

Mabe I've missed somthing... the package seems VERY complete but I've
not seen anything about PPP.

On another line, is there a g3 to ps converter around or do I continue
to use g3topbm and then XV?
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