Good way to get TCP/IP on an 8088?

Good way to get TCP/IP on an 8088?

Post by David Lee Lamber » Sun, 24 May 1998 04:00:00

> >I have a thinnet network right now between a Win95 box and a Linux box.  I
> >also have a 9-year-old Packard Bell 8088,  for which I just found a 3com
> >Etherlink II (3c503) card.  I also found a crynwr packet driver that seems
> >to work,

> >My question is this:  what high-level applications can I use to make this
> >a network worstation (sharing DOS binaries and application files with the
> >other computers,  and also doing telnet to the linux box,  sharing the
> >attached dot-matrix printer,  and printing to the networked DeskJet)?  I'd
> >prefer to stick to the straight TCP/IP that I have right now,  using the
> >SMB protocol for file and printer sharing.

> >Please CC: to my E-mail,  as this news server only gets about 10% of the
> >messages it should.

>   Consider the Clarkson University TCP/IP package. Telnet client, FTP
> client, LPR client, and FTP server, all for DOS. Works with a packet
> driver. I use it on an old IBM 386 I have kicking around that I use
> for a glorified serial terminal.

>   The firewall is futzed up where I am just now so I can't get to
>, but I think that's where I got it. If you can't
> find it, mail me. I think I have a zipfile kicking around somewhere.

I downloaded NCSA telnet,  transferred ftpbin.exe to the XT,  and edited  I haven't been able to move any other files,  because of
diskette errors;  I was hoping to finish the job by FTP.  However,  FTP
hangs.  This is version 2.3.08;  could it have anything to do with path
MTU discovery being enabled in Linux?  What else might be wrong?

By the way,  Clarkston U seems not to have an FTP server any more.

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1. pbg3/333 problems getting tcp/ip up and tcp-ing

i'm booting into the red hat installer using the bootx application and
the "linux final" and ramdisk.gz which i got from the ftp archives as
part of the linux-pre-R5 Q3 distribution. things are okay, i suppose,
since i boot in and get a prompt and can do stuff, but i have no success
so far configuring the tcp/ip info so i can do an ftp install.

neither dhcp nor static work, and, in fact, once i boot into linux, the
cable modem loses touch with my computer, as evidenced by the fact that
the "pc" light on the cable modem goes off. maybe this is something
particular to the cable modem hookup  (a motorola cable modem), but i
don't know for sure, since the conncetion is good (on static ip, not
dhcp) from macos 8.6.

i read some things in the facomatic about netconf and bmac.c patches,
but i don't know where to find them, and then, if i do, i don't know how
to get them onto my linux partitions, since i have had no luck in
mounting my macos (HFS standard) partitions from inside linux, which
would seem to be one way, in theory.

i'm a linux rookie right now, and i don't know c (which is why i want
linux in the first place, so i can learn), so don't assume i know much
about bmac.c other than the fact that it's some kind of c program, but
don't think i'm not trying on my own.

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