VPN clients for Windows machine to connect to a Linux server

VPN clients for Windows machine to connect to a Linux server

Post by Chris Nol » Wed, 10 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I was wondering if somebody could point me in the right direction.
I've been searching all morning and haven't found a straight answer.

I've gone through the HOWTO's and things look good that I can get a
VPN running between 2 linux boxes and secure that connection.  But I
also want Windows PC's to be able to connect to the same protected LAN
and I can't find something to do that.

The VPN-Masquerading HOWTO says that Microsoft's PPtP could be used,
otherwise follow the instructions of the IP-Sec software vendor.  Do I
really want to use PPTP?  I've heard various things about it, most not
very good.  If I want to use IP-Sec software from a vendor, then it's
going to be commerical right?  That's not completly bad, might lend
some credibility for the sales team - but WHO?  A couple of years ago
when I was looking at this technology everybody had propriety
solutions, but now with IPsec does it mean multiple software configs
could be used to connect to the same server?

How is key exchange done in this situation?

Any help would be appreciated,


Chris Nolan


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