Newbie: Installing RH7.0 over network

Newbie: Installing RH7.0 over network

Post by Bill Hudso » Sun, 04 Feb 2001 06:56:36

> Is it possible to install Red Hat 7.0 over a network?  If so, I'm
> assuming you make the Linux boot disk with nic drivers (3C589C) but how
> do you do that?

> Clayton

you create a 'bootnet' floppy and boot off of that.   the 'bootnet.img'
file can be found in the 'images' subdirectory on any redhat mirror.

If you have a linux box already, bring the image down and then use 'dd'
to create a bootnet floppy:

        dd if=bootnet.img of=/dev/fd0H1440

if you do not have a linux box, also download the 'rawrite.exe' utility
and use that to create the floppy.

Bill Hudson


1. Newbie Alert: can't get two networks working in RH7.1

Hi there,

For some bizarre reason I cannot get two networks working under RH7.1. I
suspect it's something to do with routing, but don't understand enough
of Linux/*nix to be able to make the necessary changes.

Currently I have a 3COM509 card connected to my cable modem, and a
Netgear card connected to my local network.

The odd thing is, using the KDE Network config tool I can activate eth0
(eth1 de-activated) and I can access the Internet via the 3COM card, and
I can activate eth1 (eth0 de-activated) and I can access the local
network, but with both activated - nothing works - which makes me think
the routes are reversed (looking for local addresses on the net, and web
addresses locally).

A simple 'route' gives me:

Destination     Gateway Genmask         Iface     *   eth1     *   eth0       *       lo
default         pc1-far.         eth1

Now eventually I want this machine to act as a DHCP server, and as a
gateway to the Internet for the machines on 192.168.0.* just like my
nice and easy Win98SE ICS does :o)

But this is SO hard, AFAIK I'm setting all the right settings, and I've
tried doing the same through LINUXCONF, but to no avail.


Will be thankful for assistance received, and will pass on the knowledge
to others in true spirit of 'the net'.



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