Modem driver for Ambient MD5628-D-L-A

Modem driver for Ambient MD5628-D-L-A

Post by Eagl » Sun, 19 Sep 2004 13:11:08

Does anyone have any ideas if there is a driver for this modem, have spent
fruitless hours on the net searching ..........



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I've downloaded last drivers for this modem from intel site..and it works
OK with problems,connection OK, but my problem is when I use
this modem with mgetty for dialin.I can connect via minicom to my machine
and after login modem freezes.There's no errors in /var/log/messages nor
/var/log/mgetty.log.modem it looks that HAM modem is still alive but it's
not.My minicom terminal window is frozen...I cannot type anything.
Did I miss something ?? I'm changed mgetty configuration few
times,different speeds but it's still the same mistake.

any help ?


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