win95 networking

win95 networking

Post by D. Josep » Sun, 27 Aug 2000 10:09:40

Hello ALL:
I am trying to network my win95 PC to my Linux server.

I have 2 NICS on the win95. One for the cable modem. The other for
the internal network. The objective is just to connect Linux to win95.

I use a 5 port hub to connect them all. Cable modem to the uplink port.
win95 and Linux server to two ports.

First of all, I get hardware conflict messages from win95s. I assume
win95 is able to support 2 NICS?

The current settings are follows:

                       IP address      subnet mask     gateway

win95  (2nd NIC)    
win95(cable modem nic)  ip address assigned via DHCP    

I  am unable to ping from win95 to linux or vice-versa. Please
advise on the Linux and win95 settings.

Thanks a bunch.



1. network freeze when adding win95 laptop to Linux/Win95 network

I have a problem: when I try to add my Win95 laptop to my Linux/Windows 95
LAN the network freezes!

Let me describe the situation:

'Old situation' - working fine:
I have a simple network with one Redhat 5.0 Linux server & one Windows 95
machine. The linux machine acts as a fileserver, running Samba, the Windos
59 machine ( is my regular 'workstation', with IPX/SPX, Netbeui
and TCP/IP installed. I use 10MB NIC's connected by a simple 5 port hub
(10MB). I can ping from/to both machines and access files, run a linux
webserver (apache, great!) etc. No problem at all, until....

'New situation' - not working  :-(
I want to connect my laptop to the network. I use a 10/100MB Dynalink L100C
PCMCIA card (configured to run at 10MB). The laptop as also a Windows 95
machine (, same drivers etc. as the other windows95 machines,
except for the IP address of course. All IP addresses are static in the
192.168.42.xx range, netmask

When the problems start:
Now what's happening? Suppose I am running my network as usual: one Linux
server, one windows 95 machine. All working fine. I start pinging the
windows 95 machine from the Linux machine for a unlimited period to
demonstrate what's happening. Then I  boot the Compaq 1220 laptop (connected
to the hub). The pinging between Linux and the workstation continues, but as
soon as the LINK led on the laptop's PCMCIA card flashes on, the pinging
from Linux to the workstation stops. If I try to ping form the workstation
to Linux I receive a 'Request timed out' message.

I now can not ping any machine from Linux, nor the Linux machine from any
windows 95 machine any more. However, I CAN ping between the two Windows 95
machines. If I then physically disconnect the STP cable connecting the
laptop to the hub, the pinging from Linux to the Windows95 workstation
continues as if nothing happened!

I don't know too much about networking, but I tried to examin the network
with Netstat. It does not report any hard errors.

PS: If I use the combination laptop + Linux only (without the 'windows95
workstation'), everything works fine too (so I think the laptop should be
configured properly). Also, the name to IP translation (via hosts file) is

This is a very nasty situation, since I lose contact with my fileserver as
soon as the laptop joins the network.

Can anybody help me (I hope I gave enough info)?

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