Multiple FTP sessions

Multiple FTP sessions

Post by ashis » Sat, 08 Jul 2000 04:00:00

I have 8 modems connected through cyclom-y multiple serial board. I can
set up 8 PPP connections. I would like to run 8 ftp sessions on each
interface. All these FTP connection going to one FTP server. Problem is
when i open a FTP session it takes first interface. Following  FTP
sessions go to same interface. Is there any way to tell FTP session to
use particular PPP connection like PPP0 , PPP1 like that.



Multiple FTP sessions

Post by Bob Hau » Tue, 11 Jul 2000 04:00:00

Quote:>I have 8 modems connected through cyclom-y multiple serial board.

[multiple ppp sessions to one ftp server]

Quote:>Is there any way to tell FTP session to use particular PPP connection
>like PPP0 , PPP1 like that.

No, but you could have the remote server assign different IP's to its
end of each ppp interface.  Then on your end set up host routes to each
rather than using a single default route.  Then ftp to that IP rather
than to the single one you would appear to be using now.

 -| Bob Hauck
 -| Codem Systems, Inc.


1. Got "Broken pipe" message during FTP session w/FTP script


     I have a problem with the current FTP script that I am using:
   Here it is:


cat <<END
ftp -n -v << EOF
open "host"
user "user" "password" "account"
lcd local/directory

sed -e 's/.*/get &/' filelist

cat <<END

  What this script is supposed to do is to continuously "get file#.tar.Z."
from the "filelist" in one FTP command.  There are over 100 FILES
to get and this entire process consumes around 30 minutes.

    The MAJOR PROBLEM with this script is when I added the "-v" (verbose)
 command in the initial FTP command.  The reason I added the "-v" command
 was to get some FEEDBACK from the remote FTP server.  I'd say about
 90 percent of the time I get this ERROR displayed on my screen:

ftp: accept: Protocol error
426 Data connection: Broken pipe.
421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection
Not connected.
Not connected.
Not connected.
Not connected.

    After this message, I was KICKED OUT of my FTP site and only about
  25 percent of the files are TRANSFERRED OVER.

    The FUNNY THING is that when I GET RID OF the "-v" command in the  
  initial FTP script, EVERYTHING works fine (the script works 100  
  percent of the time).  All my files are safely
  transferred over BUT I want some sort of INDICATION from the remote
  server on what files are being transferred DISPLAYED on my screen.

  Any Suggestions ???


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