Routing problem

Routing problem

Post by Sjaak Paridae » Mon, 08 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Hoi Marcus,

 MF> I have a linux 1.2.13 (say A) box set up as a dialin server. People
 MF> connect via PPP/diplogin. The routing table reads:
 MF> default   .....   isdn0 (connection to a provider)
 MF> localnet ....   eth0  (hosts B and C)
 MF> My problem is: People can connect to the box and use any service
 MF> worldwide, but they can't reach any host on the localnet :-(.

You have to route the way back from your hosts B and C *via* A as a gateway.
So, at the moment A is connected to your Internet host, at B and C you have to
route the packets back by some sort of statement like "route add -host
${internethost} gw ${computer_A}".

 MF> pppd is started up with -detach defaultroute A:remotehost. What am
 MF> I doing wrong? I believe I compiled forwarding into the kernel

In that case, and the localhosts correctly configured, it has to work!