Easy question: Can someone confirm my routing rules...

Easy question: Can someone confirm my routing rules...

Post by Corbin Lemieu » Sun, 14 Jan 2001 11:59:33

Hi there I think I have figured out how to setup routing but I would like
you linux guru's to
grace me with a moment of your time and your vast wisdom :)

All ip's have been altered to protect the innocent :)

A small 6 node lan with public ip's connected to the internet through PPPoE

(The ppp0/eth0 combo shown below is because I'm not sure what interface
shows up on the dsl link since it is PPPoE)

The router's iface to the net is ppp0/eth0
The router's iface to the lan is eth1
The isp's gateway is 199.123.321.199

Node 1 ip is
Node 2 ip is
Node 3 ip is
Node 4 ip is
Node 5 ip is

So here is my simplied routing table

Destination            Gateway                  GenMask                Iface
------------------------------------------------------------------                  eth1                  eth1                  eth1                  eth1                  eth1                  199.123.321.199    ppp0/eth0               

Here are the actual route commands

route add -host eth1
route add -host eth1
route add -host eth1
route add -host eth1
route add -host eth1
route add default gateway 199.123.321.199 ppp0/eth0
route add -net lo

So what do you say?   Will this work?

Corbin Lemieux


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