NT 3.51 ps printing, from linux

NT 3.51 ps printing, from linux

Post by Pete Hur » Thu, 31 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Hello world,

I've got a linux box running slackware 3.0 derived system, and a
MW-Windows NT server 3.51 with an attached hp5.  The hp5 has
postscript, and a postscript driver.  The linux printcap entry
looks just like the one I use to do remote printing on a, recently
demised, hp3 attached to a solaris SVR4 machine.  But the NT
machine prints the ps file as ascii source.  I tried ftping the
file onto the NT machine, but the print command didn't know what
to do with a postscript file!?!

1) How do I print a postscript file on a postscript printer with

2) How do I get it to happen remotely via a BSD-like linux box?

Thanks in advance,


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I tried this also: lpadmin -p PRINTERNAME -s SYSTEMPRINTER
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But this doesn't work! All helps are welcome. Thank you.
Long live the Macintosh.

Gilles Celli, Luxembourg.

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