Dial Up Server

Dial Up Server

Post by Alexander F. Hartne » Thu, 13 May 1999 04:00:00

I am running Open Linux 1.3  and Red Hat and I would like to set up a
dial up server. I have a standard Hayes compatible modem (56k) connected
to serial port 2 (com2:) and would like to dial in form work to home.
Can anybody please help me.



1. 2.3 -> 2.7 via Dial-up (Re: CVS over 'dropping' dial-ups)

You are better off borrowing/buying/stealing a CD and loading a fresh 2.7
From what I've heard, there are issues with upgrading via CVS.  Plus, it's
Trust me. If you don't have the cash (US $30, I believe) you could probably
somebody to copy their 2.7 CD for you (hint,hint).  Of course, buying the CD
OBSD 2.8 and higher a possibility, which is a Good Thing.

Good luck.

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