Linux SNA Printer Gateway

Linux SNA Printer Gateway

Post by Regis Ferreira Vendruscol » Wed, 24 Jan 2001 11:45:13

Anybody have any SNA print server gateway ?
Anyone have too any 3270 cliente java version or Windows compiled (GNU or
free internal distribution) to use SNA Linux gateway?

Hello Bruce,
Check out the Linux-SNA project, The
site is still in a bit of a transition, but some software is available now
via ftp and more will be available next week.

Providing a print gateway with Linux-SNA is currently not available, but is
a high priority of things to be done for the new year. Right now I am
focusing on certifying the Linux-SNA stack and testing the hell out of it.

Jay Schulist

> Hi All,

> Do any of you know if this kind of software is available for linux. I need
> to setup a print gateway from Mainframe printing to ip printing, and i
> the gateway to be a linux box. At the moment it is an NT box running
> attachmate SNA gatewa software. I was just wondering if there is SNA
> software for linux out there. Any replies would be appreciated.

> Thanx
> Bruce

> PS : Thanx for the help on my sendmail problem all, it helped and is now
> working :)
> -
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P.S Sorry, my english is very bad.

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