RH8.0 and SMC Ethernet Elite 16 Ultra (network install?)

RH8.0 and SMC Ethernet Elite 16 Ultra (network install?)

Post by Tavish Muldo » Sat, 29 Mar 2003 01:25:58


I have really messed things up.  I thought I would install Linux on an
older computer (p233 with 80 megs of ram, 1.7 gig hd).  I downloaded
RH 8.0.  The cdrom on this old machine is archaic - I cannot find
drivers for it.  Boot.img keeps seeing it as a scsi device.  It is a
Panasonic CR522B.

But I gave up on that - and am hoping to try a network install.
I tried bootnet.img - and of course there is not driver for the SMC
Ethernet Elite 16 Ultra (8216, 8216C, 8216T).  How would I get this
driver for linux - and get it noticed by bootnet.img.  Drvblock.img
did not have it.

I have a Windows 2000 system - I figure I can used the cdrom there and
setup and ftp server.  Hopefully get Linux to recognize the network
card - and do a network install...or am I dreaming?

Any ideas how to do this via a network install?




RH8.0 and SMC Ethernet Elite 16 Ultra (network install?)

Post by asadche » Sat, 29 Mar 2003 20:24:50

I dont know about recent RedHats, but Debian has very good card detection during install.  And I believe SMCs (isa?) are supported.
You have to make a few floppies - 4 or 5 - though.  There is a chance your cdrom has support on one of those disks - but remember that most very old cdroms cannot read burnt cd`s.  
Doing network install is easy (at least on Debian) - you just boot from a floppy(s), configure network(installer should do it auto after asking you few questions), then you have a choice of doing install - ftp,http,cdrom,local,nfs,etc.

I used RedHat some time ago and it did have network install option.  I doubt they got rid of it. - check RedHat docs - i am sure there is a description on how to do network install.

If you still have problem - just stick a new cdrom in old comp.  It aint that hard.  :-)

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Server Linux:
RH 5.2
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RAM                       : 40 Mo
Hard Disk    SCSI   : Seagate    1 Go
                      IDE   : Conner cp 100 Mo
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3 Clients working with Windows.

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ps: my english is not good, my mother tongue is french.

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