Win95 Sharing via Linux PPP link?

Win95 Sharing via Linux PPP link?

Post by Gerald E. Butl » Sat, 15 Jun 1996 04:00:00

        Does anyone know if it is possible for two Window's 95 machines to
share over a TCP/IP PPP link?  Mine is through a Linux PPP Server.  All TCP/IP
services work correctly when I'm dialed in from home.  I turned on sharing
and bound Microsoft Client & Microsoft Sharing to the TCP/IP protocol on both
my home and work machine.  When I click on "Network Neighborhood" & then
"Entire Network" I get "Network Unreachable".

        The question is, can Win95 truly do sharing over TCP/IP or not?
If it does, why won't it work over the PPP link when all other TCP/IP traffic
works?  This seems like a poor implementation of PPP/TCP-IP/Sharing.

        Anyone have any ideas?  I'd be glad to send a copy of my arp cached
and my network configs for the Linux box for anyone who thinks that might be
the problem.

        If I can get this working I will produce a HOWTO on setting it up.

        Have A Nice Day!


1. PPP difficulties with win95 dialing to linux via ppp.

I am trying to set up my windows 95 machine to dialup ppp to my linux
machine.  The problem appears to be with the logon since when I do a
manual login, the ppp connection will take place as normal and
everything else works great.  But it just won't log in on its own, and
I've verified the login and password names, and the logon: and password:
prompts are conventional, so I don't see any issues there.  

I'm using mgetty with /AutoPPP/ enabled.  Does anyone have any ideas on
how to make this work?  

I currently have a block of 16 internet ip addresses which are
permanant, and I want to add this dialup ppp line as kind of a
"temporary isp" for one of my friends.

TIA for your help.

-Paul Mathis

please CC: to my email address.  Thanks.

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