Linux samba time stamp woes

Linux samba time stamp woes

Post by Dick Balas » Thu, 05 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I can't get my samba mounted drives to preserve timestamps on files.
(This is more important now that i'm trying to run cvs on my Linux box
to control my NT source code)
Every file i touch ends up with the current time.

This used to not bother me because i figured, "Well, its just stupid Windoze
behaviour."  But i notice that when i drag and dtop files Win to Win using
explorer that the timestamps on the files are preserved.

I upgraded to all of the latest relevent packages hoping for magic.
Is there any hope for proper date preservation?

Am i missing a smb.conf flag?


[cary:/home/dick] cp -p xpilot/Release/XPilot.exe /smb/duke/e/XPilot/XPilot.exe
cp: /smb/duke/e/XPilot/XPilot.exe: Operation not permitted




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