Arp and sliplogin not working, HELP!

Arp and sliplogin not working, HELP!

Post by Thomas Gerard Benavid » Sun, 02 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I have installed sliplogin.  It does just about everything.  When it gets
to /sbin/arp -s $6 00:00:F4:B0:2C:3E pub

it does not add it.  I add it manually and the slip account then works fine.  
Ifconfig and route run fine but arp does not.  I have compiled IP forwarding
and tried everything.  I cannot sit here to see if someone logs in and then
add arp.  How do you get this to be done automagically?  PLEASE I need help.
I have tried everything.

Thank you in advance,
Thomas G. Benavides


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I have a two Linux boxes connected via ethernet. All works well but arp
on both machines gives me few lines of data that have nothing to do with
my conbfig. IP addresses are something like ( at incomplete,
not my real ethernet and IP addresses. However if I check /proc/net/arp
it DOES have the correct ethernet address. My ifconfig is arp enabled,
Kernel 1.2.0, all functions that are supposed to use arp resolviong work
(rip updates and stuff OK) but arp -a gives that garbage??
Please let me know if you have seen this before!

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