Mutiple domain with differnt map files

Mutiple domain with differnt map files

Post by patil » Wed, 27 Oct 2004 15:26:18

AFAIK single NIS server can serve the multiple domains. Also there is
a way to serve "common and domain specific map files" by modifying the
"/var/yp/Makefile" i.e add domain specific source map file path in

Are there any other methods to achieve this ?
I want to serve 2 domains with different automount and passwd map

Thanks In advance


1. Rhat6.0, Flowpoint2200 router, 2 public IP address, 2 Domain Names, Flowpoint 2200 mapping, DNS mapping


I have apache server running on Rhat 6.0 box,  1 flowpoint 2200 Dsl Router,
2 public IP addresses, and 2 domain names.

What I want is that by typing these 2 different domain names each time from
any web browser,  it will come back with 2 different domain names' homepage
which located at /home dir with different domain subdir on linux box.

My questions are

1.  by registering these 2 domain names at internic using above 2 public IP
addresses,   1 of 2 will be router IP address,  another 1 will be linux box
IP address,   which 1 will be the first IP address, or does not matter?

2.  what will be the whole work flow  starting from typing in one of these 2
domain names from any web browser til domain  name resolved and its own
homepage up?

3.  what kind of mapping needed to be done at flowpoint 2200 Dsl router?
     the flowpint 2200 Dsl router can do port mapping,  howabout domain name

4.  DNS server setup at linux box?

5.  Apache server setup about virtual hosts parts by using IP-based or
named-based, or port number-based?

Detailed example files setup at each stage to resolve these 2 domain names
from web browser will be great help.

Thank you very much in advance.

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