Cheap networking software recommendations?

Cheap networking software recommendations?

Post by Theodore Okuzu » Thu, 05 Jan 1995 09:20:25

        I just put Slackware linux 2.10 on a computer and now I have a bunch
of pc's on the network I want to connect to it.  Cheaply.

        So what now?  

        I want the one linux box to be like a server, and the other PC's all
have to be running DOS/Windows 3.1.  They're connected on a token ring,
and all I want for now is dumb terminal emulation.  Y'know, like I want
to telnet from the PC's into the linux box.

        Basic network.  The easiest kind - well, except for the token ring
bit.  But where do I start?

        What should I run from linux or the pc's?  
                Microsoft DOS Lan manager?
                NCSA telnet?  
        What is Samba anyway?  I can't find a faq on it.  Come to think of it,
I'm not sure which programs I need or what is necessary.  There's got to be
faqs on this stuff, but I can't find any so somebody please point me in the
right direction.  

        But in the mean-time, can someone tell me what's a good thing to run
and how I'm gonna get either or any of the machines to run tcp/ip over a
token ring?

        Thanks for any help.


1. Recommendation on Network Management software

In our lan, we have several switches to divide the network into several
segment Some are cisco switches and some are 3COM switches.  Right now,
we don't have any network management software.  All we could do is the
simple unix network monitor tools such as netstat to keep our network
alive and out of trouble.

As our network is growing, we found that we may need some high power network
managemnt software to monitor the network.  As  myself is quite new in this
field, I would like to seize some recommendation.  

Since most of the switches are cisco switches, is it a better idea to use the
cisco network management software ?  If we use other company (such as 3COM)
network management software, could we do a reasonable job ?  

I know that if we use other company network management software, we may not
able to configure the switches.  However, since our major concern is network
monitoring, this may not be too important.

FYI, our switches are quite new.  All of them support snmp and RMON (may not
support RMON2, however).

Any comment and suggest are appreciated.

Alex Lee

Mechanical and Automation Engineering
Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong

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