Telnet sessions locking up over ppp?

Telnet sessions locking up over ppp?

Post by Shannon Hollan » Mon, 20 Feb 1995 07:41:21

after lots of kernel and pppd fun, i managed (yes, i'm a unix newbie) top
get ppp up and working.

but, all is not well. if i create a telnet or rlogin session to a remote
host, the session works great for a couple of minutes and then it locks
up. at that point, i can create a new session to the same host (where the
same thing will happen), but i have to kill the old session.

any suggestions as to what is wrong? (i'm using the 1.1.90 kernel and
2.1.2b ppp)

i also want to set up my linux box to route over the ppp link for my own
ethernet at home. i have a class c address and the remote machine i'm
connecting to is set up to route for that address, but i need to
configure my linux box to do the magic route thing for my mac, etc.

how do i do this? (i have some basic ideas as to what to do, but haven't
been able to get it working as yet).

thanks for any help!