Cisco Aironet 350 Setup on Slackware 8.0

Cisco Aironet 350 Setup on Slackware 8.0

Post by John Smi » Tue, 13 Aug 2002 02:44:43


I have an IBM thinkpad A21m with Slackware 8.0 setup, and I can use
the internet through eth0, but I cannot get eth1 wireless working. I
installed the software that I downloaded from there site, and I have
hardcoded the IP address. The radio is assaciated with the access
point, but my IP address is from the ./acu program. Here
is part of my /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1 file: (I put the correct netmast,
gateway, etc.)


# Edit these values to set up a static IP address:
IPADDR=""   # REPLACE with YOUR IP address!
NETMASK="" # REPLACE with YOUR netmask!
NETWORK=""    # REPLACE with YOUR network address!
BROADCAST=""        # REPLACE with YOUR broadcast address,
if you
                        # have one. If not, leave blank and edit
GATEWAY=""    # REPLACE with YOUR gateway address!

# To use DHCP instead of a static IP, set this value to "yes":
DHCP="no"            # Use DHCP ("yes" or "no")

# OK, time to set up the interface:
if [ "$DHCP" = "yes" ]; then # use DHCP to set everything up:
  echo "Attempting to configure eth0 by contacting a DHCP server..."
elif [ ! "$IPADDR" = "" ]; then # set up IP statically:
  # Set up the ethernet card:
  echo "Configuring eth1 as ${IPADDR}..."
  /sbin/ifconfig eth1 ${IPADDR} broadcast ${BROADCAST} netmask


I configured home access and typed the 128-bit access key, but still
no real IP address. I use the Win2k software for Windows, and it works
fine, but now on linux.

Any help would be great.




1. Cisco Aironet 350 PCMCIA card. Which chipset?


Does anyone know for sure which chipset the cisco aironet 350
PCMCIA card uses? We've got one on a laptop here, and were trying to get
airsnort working with it. We've got airsnort and kismet working on an
SMC2632W card with the linux-wlan-ng drivers (Version 0.1.13), but
although the airsnort page claims that the cisco aironet 350 card works
with it (And also claims only orinocco and prism/2 support), we are
unable to get the linux-wlan-ng drivers to access the cisco card at all.
(Although of course it works fine with the airo drivers & kismet, just
not with airsnort).

Does anyone know what the story is with airsnort and the cisco card?
Mistake on the webpage? Or are the airo drivers just customised prism/2
drivers? Is the cisco really a prism/2? Our experiments so far would
tend to say it's not...




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