multiple ISP's (one SLIP, one PPP)

multiple ISP's (one SLIP, one PPP)

Post by 139a80000-KadhimB(DR55 » Mon, 27 Apr 1998 04:00:00

I have two ISP's and would like to be able to use either one.  I
recently discovered xisp, which seems like it would be a nice package for
me to use, except that my connection with one ISP is via SLIP (the other
one is PPP).  It doesn't appear that xisp supports SLIP connections at all.
Does anybody have any suggestions?

It seems like the multiple ISP problem would be a good subject for a HOWTO.
For example, I still am not quite sure what to set my hostname to such
that I can also use sendmail (sendmail complains if there isn't a domain
name).  xisp seems to handle the DNS problem by selectively choosing
nameservers to add to resolv.conf, but I'm not clear on how to change the
domain search list in resolv.conf.

Any hints appreciated...

Basim Kadhim


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To all who love Linux as much as I do :

        I run Linux with XFree 3.1.2A, and a Trident 9440 card.  The problems
I'm having occur when I connect via modem to my university and
establish a PPP connection.  I can't get Netscape ( any version ) to
connect to the servers.  I also can't get remote X clients to appear on
my display ( cheap VESA/SVGA monitor ), i.e., xterm, xclock, x-anything.
I do the setenv on the remote machine, and xhost + on my machine.
        Now the really curious thing is that everything runs great when I use
SLIP instead of PPP.  Netscape runs fine, and so do the remote X
        The problem only occurs with graphical clients.  I can run things like
telnet, ftp, rlogin, vi, or any other text-based programs under PPP with
no problems.
        Any ideas ?  I appreciate your help.

                                -----> Jonathan Freiermuth

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