Network Analyzer like eEye's iris.

Network Analyzer like eEye's iris.

Post by Shashank R » Thu, 20 Feb 2003 18:18:10

hi all,

as the subject line says, i am looking for a free (as in
beer)/shareware/GPLed or commercial sniffer (network traffic analyzer
;) with capabilities similar to or better than that of eEye's Iris
Network Traffic Analyzer
( Needless to say,
i want the tool on Linux (hence posting to these newsgroups :)

What i am particularly interested in, is the capability to display the
application layer traffic in real time (i.e. as i sniff http packets,
the tool displays the page being viewed, or as the smtp packets pass
by, the mail is reassembled and displayed.). Plz do not suggest
urlsnarf or any other command line tool, nor Ethereal. Though Ethereal
is really powerful, it does not suit my need of interpreting the
application layer traffic (for eg. it will show html code but cannot
parse the code to generate the page as a browser does.)