Shell / Problem

Shell / Problem

Post by Paul Bla » Sat, 07 Sep 1996 04:00:00

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[ Posted on 6 Sep 1996 11:16:14 GMT ]

I am running a public access internet service and have recently developed
a rather odd problem. I'm using kernel 2.0.14, bash 1.14.4, ncurses

The problem is that some users report that the / key does not work making
it difficult to changes directories and upsetting slipknot. A bit of
investigation shows that hitting // will produce a /

I've tried changing most of the software versions and config file but
still the problem persists. Has anyone else had this problem? Any clues on
things to check or fixes would be much appreciated.

Thanks...   Paul


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I edited the /etc/passwd file for the root user to change the shell
entry from /sbin/sh to /sbin/ksh and saved the file.
Only to realize that ksh is in the /bin directory. I cannot login or su
to the root id because it can't find the ksh. Is there any way to get
back into the system for root. the error message is NO SHELL. Not being
that familiar with Solaris 2.5.1 , is there any way to bring up some
sort of mini kernel.
Any help appreciated.

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