X.25 over TCP/IP (XOT)

X.25 over TCP/IP (XOT)

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Does anyone know if something like this exists for linux?



1. Support for XOT (X.25 over TCP/IP) in Tru64 ?

Question: Does DS20E and Tru64 4.0f support XOT ?
If yes, what kind of hardware and/or software is required ?

We've got a DS20E, running Tru64 4.0f.
We're going to connect to a host, which speaks X.25.
We're going to run the X.25 traffic over the internet with XOT.

---------   ---------              ---------                  --------
| DS20E |---|CISCO-A|---internet---|CISCO-B|---x.25 network---| HOST |
---------   ---------              ---------                  --------
                XOT                    XOT

As I see it, we can either.

1) Install a WIC (X.25) card in the DS20E, and run a
   serial cable from DS20E to CISCO-A's serial WIC.
   Have the CISCO-A (2610 or 2621) router strip away TCP/IP layer,
   and forward the X.25 packets to the DS20E via the
   serial cable.
   BTW - has anyone any experience with this kind of setup ?
   What's kind of WIC cards can be recommended for the DS20E,
   which can connect to the CISCO-A router and exchange X.25 traffic.

2) Run XOT all the way to the DS20E (via internet and then lan, or
   via internet and serial cable), and have the DS20E strip away
   the TCP/IP layer. Can this be done on a DS20E running Tru64 4.0f ?
   If so, do we need any hardware to make it happen (Eg. WIC),
   or is it possible to do with software and a nic ?

Any help appreciated


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