multi ppp...2 modems as one

multi ppp...2 modems as one

Post by belyl » Mon, 13 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Hello, I am trying to set up a multi ppp connect  using 2 modems, and 2
phone lines under Linux. This is simple in win98, its
almost automatic, but Linux is a far different story. Any hints, or tips
you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I have
searched at length for info on this subject, but have turned up nothing
but others like me who are stuck. I have a Zoom et 56k
(model 2849)(comm2) modem, and a supra 33.6 i (internal comm4).Now I am
aware that this comm  setting uses IRQ 4, but
win98 has no problems with this. I am unable to use my internal modem at
all. The external 56k is the only one that will dial. The
internal 33.6 will initialize, and will dial and connect, but it does
all of these tasks so slow , there must be something I am doing
wrong. It takes five minutes or more, and then the pppd daemon "times
out". I have no probs whatsoever connecting at a decent
rate with the et 56k. I have tried to use a product called Babylon ..
All documentation about this says that It will work without
ISDN, but I get "an error opening authenticating channel" when I try to
install it. Its supposed to make multi linking easy, but.... I
read the paragraph or so on EQL line balancing, but I lack some of the
fundamental knowledge that the author obviously has. I
know this is several questions, but any help would be greatly


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