PPTP/VPN server for Linux?

PPTP/VPN server for Linux?

Post by Lord Sludg » Tue, 13 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Is there a VPN daemon for Linux (RH 5.1) that works with Microsoft
Win95/98's PPTP client, or am I pretty much stuck with using Windows NT to
provide the PPTP server?

The VPN HowTo, http://sunsite.unc.edu/LDP/HOWTO/mini/VPN.html , makes no
mention of PPTP... I was under the impression that PPTP is Microsoft's
proprietary flavor of VPN, thus rendering it incompatible with Linux's


-=Lord Sludge=-


1. M$ pptp vpn server behind Linux 2.4.18 iptables, please help

Hello, this is driving me crazy - I have the iptables in there and
they look good to me, but this thing is still not working.

The issue is, the tcp/1723 traffic is flowing and forwarding just
fine, but the gre stuff is not even showing up! I am using tcpdump to
examine, but no packets are recieved. I am not sure, but if iptables
are blocking gre... would tcpdump still be able to capture?, even in
promisc mode??

At any rate, I am a noob at iptables, so I don't even know how the
hell to get this thing to log! Can someone help examine my firewall
script and see what is going on?

I expect that, I just have iptables configured incorrectly, thereby
denying ip type 47... iptables guruz, please help!

Here is my fw script <http://www.picturewell.com/other/fw/fw.sh.txt>



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