Can't get Intel EtherExpress 16 working

Can't get Intel EtherExpress 16 working

Post by John Ly » Fri, 22 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I have a Linux box running Slackware 2.3.  I have successfully set up
a Matsushita (Panasonic) CD-ROM, and I got a slip connection to work
using dip.

Now I have decided to try to network my box with another computer.  I
installed Intel EtherExpress 16 cards in both boxes. I ran the DOS
install software for the Etherexpress to make sure it was working.  It
turned out there was an address confict at 0x300, so I set up the
EtherExpress at address 0x310-0x31f, IRQ=5.  From the DOS 'softset'
program I determined that both cards in both machines can send and
recieve packets (the other machine is running DOS, and I have
installed the crynmr (sp?) packet drivers for DOS in that machine.  

Now when I run liinux it can't find the EtherExpress  16 ehternet
card..  I am not using LILO but 'loclinux' instaad, loading linux from
DOS.  I have tried putting the following command in my 'load linux'
batch file.  'ether=5,0x310, eth0' but to no avail.  I re-compiled my
kernel and told the 'make config' program that I wante the alpha
ethernet drivers, including the EtherExpress drivers.

What next?

John Lyon


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