setting dial-up using PPP as backup internet connection

setting dial-up using PPP as backup internet connection

Post by Hendra Wijay » Sat, 23 Jun 2001 03:30:08

We have 2 offices that is connected to each other using VPN over our T1
connection.  The VPN is set-up from our firewall in one office to another
firewall in the other office.  Both Server is running RedHat 6.2 with
kernel 2.2.19 and has IP-Chain and port-forwarding

I want to connect a modem on both server, in case our T1 connection is
down, our office will be able to dial the other office to keep the VPN
connection alive.

I am totally clueless on how to set it-up.

Any help will be appreciated



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1. Help using PPP as dial-up backup to Ethernet connection?

I've basically tried that already with no luck.  With 2 default routes
(either with the same or different metrics), the ppp interface is never
brought up when the cable connection is lost.  I'm guessing that it is b/c
the system still sees the cable interface (eth1) alive so it continues to
send packets out on that interface even though it isn't receiving any
replies.  If I manually take eth1 down (ie: ifdown eth1) then sure enough
the ppp connection takes over until I bring it back up (ie: ifup eth1), but
that isn't the case I need to guard.  I need a backup plan in case the cable
modem itself loses connection to the net but while eth1 still remains up.

The ipchains ruleset is a bit tricky, but I think I should be able to work
around it using the ip-up and ip-down scripts....

Any thoughts?



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