ppp, diald, and eql, is this possible?

ppp, diald, and eql, is this possible?

Post by Jeffrey Less » Wed, 11 Dec 1996 04:00:00

In March I will be putting together a workshop (see
http://ibgwww.colorado.edu/twins97/ if you really care what it's
about) at an off-site location.  I intend to provide Internet
connectivity over a pair of dialup lines through a Linux based machine
routing to an ethernet based subnet.  Subnetting, IP forwarding, files
serving, etc. aren't a problem.  I believe the most efficient way of
using the two lines is with the eql load balancing driver, and then
running ppp over the balanced line.

The only thing I am concerned about is insuring that the connection
stays up 24/7.  For several other remote locations I use diald with a
great deal of success.  No matter how often connections die, they
always resume within a few minutes.

Is it possible to use diald to keep up a pair of eql'ed lines?  I
would want to automatically be able to redial either connection when
it went down.  If not diald, is there another program that will redial
a line when it goes down and work in harmony with eql?

Or should I consider a different load balancing mechanism than eql?  I
have been told that gated can do load balancing across two interfaces
to the same network, but I couldn't find much about it in the
documentation; how is this achieved with gated?

Any opinions from folks more experienced in these things than myself
would be greatly appreciated.

Jeff Lessem.


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