Is ttcp already working on Linux?

Is ttcp already working on Linux?

Post by Dave Kenne » Sun, 05 Feb 1995 05:51:19

I compiled ttcp last night and it compiled with a few warnings (that I
haven't researched yet) that didn't look too good.  I went ahead and
tried it anyway, but it did not work.  The receive and send sides just
sat there for a long time.  The source I used was from on of the
NetBSD archive sites.

Has anyone already ported ttcp to Linux?  Is the ported source (or a
patch) available?  Binary?

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1. Netperf should now work on *BSD and do TTCP (RFC 1644)

For those who would like to be benchmarking network performance on
[Free|Net]BSD platforms, netperf revision 2.0PL1 _should_ be working
without additional modification (although I've only run it on FreeBSD
myself). There are also some minor fixes for other platforms.

This version of netperf also includes a test for Transactional TCP
(RFC 1644) called TCP_TRR. To get the full force of TTCP, you need to
use the test-specific "-p portnum" option to cause the client side to
re-use the same local port number for each transaction. This test will
be compiled-in if you specify "-DDO_1644" in the CFLAGS of the

Results can be compared with the TCP_CRR test, (which should behave
much like the http protocol) and perhaps the TCP_RR test. Before
drawing any general conclusions though, be sure to either get a full
explanation of the way each test works, or get one yourself by looking
at the source code.

You can find netperf, and the netperf results database at

happy benchmarking,

rick jones
Please direct your follow-ups to comp.benchmarks.

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