Netscape stalls

Netscape stalls

Post by Nigel Longmi » Fri, 19 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Has anyone had problems with Netscape stalling with the retrieval of documents?
Ususally it will start itself back up again or if not a reload will but it's
a bit of a pain none the less.

Mainly seems to happen when transfer rates start decreasing to approx
10 byte per sec.  Anyone had the same problem and fixed it ?


Nigel Longmire


1. netscape stall

when i first execute netscape communicator or open big images, a
named  /usr/i386-glibc20-linux/lib/ eats up all my system
and I usually have to kill the process. I think it is about the
graphics library. does anyone know what this file is for?

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