Getting traffic rate traces bound to each active tcp link

Getting traffic rate traces bound to each active tcp link

Post by Riccardo Manfri » Wed, 23 Dec 2009 19:24:53

Hi NG,
I need to track each TCP link traffic load (rate). I already have the
information regarding all opened TCP links, but I don't know what the
best way could be to retrieve traffic information to associate to those.

To do the job what I need is basically
a) to bind a packet to the correct flow, hence knowing the tuple:
        [src_ip, src_port, dst_ip, dst_port, transport]
b) to know the packet size (optionally the timestamp would help too,
but     I can generate that independently).

This having been said, what the best way to accomplish the task could
be? I was planning on using a tcpdump based sniffer but it looks pretty
much inefficient to export all packets to userspace, while data is
probably there to be grasped in some /proc subfolders or kernel structures.
I just need you to address me with the problem towards a
non-100%-load-CPU solution.

Thanks in advance and Merry Xmas,


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