IProute (and linux)

IProute (and linux)

Post by The bo » Wed, 11 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Hi guys. I know it's not really a Linux question but please read on.

I have an internal network that is routed to the net with IPRoute. I
currently have 1 Globaly visible address as my main one on the IPRoute
box and 4 machines behind this. One being my web server on a Linux box
(currently being upgraded to Red Hat 5).

I use Network Address Translation..

My internal machines are number  and 2  and 3 etc...

My question is if I now have 8 Globaly visible addresses IR (my modem connection)
and, 242, 243, 244 etc etc

can I tell IPRoute to also accept these and still use NAT to route
into my inside system???

Many thanks.

as news is extremely slow....